How do you eat your hotdog? Erin and I recently asked our Gator family this question. The feedback was really interesting. Enjoy!

Jared... With sausage in place of the hotdog...

Sam... Mustard, BBQ sauce (pig stand), onion, relish, lote of chilli, and pepper jack cheese.

Lois... Miracle Whip sometimes mustard Chili and Cheese.

Kimberly... Jalapeño mustard, mayo, chili, cheese and maybe some chopped onion. Put in oven to melt cheese and toast bun! (That's how my mama always did it!)

Randy... Two weenies on an open face bun with mustard on both sides of the bun...then cover with chilli, cheese and onions.

Jess... At botskys enough said

Vanessa... Burnt with a lot of mustard!

Anna... Some coworkers of mine eat theirs with peanut butter

Sarah... With mustard, ketchup, relish

Christy... With kraut, sautéed onions and mustard!

Georgia... mustard and ketchup with a lil tony's and i love chips on top and then just dig in

Vicky... Every now and then to give it a different taste I put taco sauce on mine

Lucille... on a grilled bun and topped with nacho cheese OR sweet 'n' sicey mustard