I am still looking at filling the guest co-host spot for the vacationing Erin Davison on Friday June 19 on Gator 99.5! Would you like to sit in for her?

Here's some Gator Country feedback!

Chasity... Oh I sooo wish I could! That would be a blast!

Mandy... Because I'm kewl like that, u KNOW my story and my mission and because I'm freaking hilarious, but I have one question...... Does ur show have the bleep bleep button! Bahahaha cause I can get rowdy when provoked!!!

Randy... PUT ME ON THE AIR...When I was exiting the U. S. Air Force in 1979 I was seriously considering radio broadcasting...I had flash backs to a time in my youth when I spent hours recording music played by Rob Robin on KLOU...then putting my on commentaries in between the songs that I recorded. Back to reality, I had all the paperwork and loan applications filled out and was accepted by THE RON BAILEY SCHOOL OF BROADCASTING in Spokane Washington. The turning point for me was when one of the counselors at the school told me, "you know, your first job will more than likely be working for some radio station in the heart of no where, to a fan base or population of about 350 people"? Well that was all I needed...completely turned off, I changed my career plans. But I have always had that interest and wish I would have followed that dream. Water under the bridge now. In the early 80's KLOU did offer a program where they hosted guest D. J.'s on Sunday nights. I was selected for that gig and went in and had a great experience
I would really enjoy sitting in with you on Friday.

Debbie... I'm not a morning person but this Sounds like so much fun!!!

Heidi... I would llke to talk about this great youth organization that is in our area an not to many people know about. The United States Navy Sea Cadets. It is helps to build tomorrow's leaders even if they don't go into the Military. These young people also use it to overcome likes obstacles.

Chris... I can bring my 5 kiddos! Lol. Now there would be some entertainment. Sharing info on foster and adopting.

Tell us why you’d like to hang with me on Gator 99.5? Erin and I will choose the Friday Co-host on Monday.

Email me at krisstjames@townsquaremedia.com