Kris St. James/ Ellie Katherine

So for the longest time I have been strongly encouraging my youngest to find a parttime job. The reason? Do I really have to go there? She's 16, fixing to be 17 in March. AND her mother and I are tired of just caving in to this girl when it come to moolah. Holla!

For the last few months, Ellie would spend more time hanging with her gal pals than go pick up job applications around town. And one of the biggest obstacles is that none of her friends work! No! They live off of daddy! Ugh!

So yesterday, her world came to an end. Mom and Dad decided to cut her off. Yup! And she freaked.. then closed herself in her room and boo hoo'd  for a few hours.

Yada Yada Yada... I recieve at text from her last night. The funny thing is that I am laying on the couch watching TV, she's next to me sitting on the loveseat.

Anywho... Ellie did not text me a sob story on how her life is soooo unfair. Actually she text me a joke. Yeah, a joke! Here it is...

"Yo Momma's so stupid that she locked herself in the bathroom... got so scared... SHE PEED HER PANTS!"

I laughed my a$$ off!

And then I was struck with a brilliant idea! My precious little girl will work for me! As a writer for my show! Out of all my kiddos... it would be the youngest to follow in her daddy's footsteps? Wow!

Poor kid.