The Don Gay Championship Bullriding Tour makes a stop at Burton Coliseum Friday and Saturday, and we lucked out this morning by being able to interview the legend himself -- Donnie Gay.

This morning, Kris and I joined in the debate over whether or not obesity should be classified as a disease.  Come to find out, Donnie was recovering from a visit to a Lake Charles seafood restaurant the night before, so we filed his insurance claim for him!

Donnie claimed eight PRCA world titles in his career between 1974 and 1984 -- a record still unbroken.  Since retiring from the dirt, he's practically become the face of television bullriding, being a commentator for ESPN, FOX Sports and TNN back in the day.

We caught up with him this morning to talk about what it's like having a career like that:


Also, see Donnie in action at the National Finals back in 1976, when he nabbed the title with an astonishing 95 points.