Gator 99.5's Kris St. James has been growing a beard since August as part of a bet with this wife.  But Dale Mann shows him in this video, there's a dark side to having facial hair.

So, wait, what was this bet again?  Well, Kris bet his wife, Julie, he could make it a whole year without shaving his beard in an attempt to look like a Duck Dynasty cast member.  If he makes it to Aug. 17, 2014, Julie has to dye her hair blonde, which she doesn't want to do.  If Kris breaks and shaves his face, he has to take her kayaking, which he hates.  Ah, marriage.  Ain't it a hoot?

But growing a beard isn't all fun and games.  Many of you may not know this, but there's consequences to having that much hair on your face.  Kris didn't know about this, but luckily Dale Mann has imparted his wisdom.  It was an easy lesson to teach, because we work in a radio station, and the walls are carpeted for sound-proofing.  Once you add in Kris' thick, Velcro-like beard ... well, I think you see where we're going with this...

Watch Dale teach Kris about the dreaded "Velcro Effect."

On a more serious note, it's also "Movember," a month where men grow out their facial hair to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer.  Are you getting screened?  Are you having annual physicals?  What can you do to fight prostate and testicular cancer?  Get the facts.