16 years ago, I was on remote at the Iowa Rabbit Festival. Toward the end of the broadcast I received a call that my expecting wife was rushed to the hospital. And now the rest of the story.
I would leave the festival and drive the radio station vehicle to St Patrick Hospital. I beat the doctor too! A nurse delivered my youngest child that night. Her older three siblings barely weighed 8 lbs, but Ellie Katherine was well over 9. A very quiet and observant baby too. She was an hour old and I remember she had one eye open and it looked to me she was looking around the delivery room.

Might also have to do with it being a pretty late night for me as well. LOL

Today, she is the only one of the kiddos still in high school. At 16, she's a sophomore in high school, involved in her church, and she's looking forward to the upcoming softball season.

Last Friday, I treated the birthday girl and the family to a night at Casa Ole. My son was our waiter for this special event.

Happy Birthday Ellie!