I believe I have cattle who deal with a serious case of boredom. As I sweat buckshots mowing, I have cows watching my every step. One will occasionally MOO at me too. I guess she had a craving for some fresh cut grass. I don't know...

St. James Horses

The ranch house I'm renting belongs to my wife's uncle and he's a cattle rancher. Beautiful house... nice size yard... not too many nosey neighbors.... and LOTS of Cows!!

Plus, my wife has an aunt who decided that the property needed a few horses too! And on top of that, out of the four horses, there is a horse that likes to hold a conversation with the cows. If I'm lying, I'm dying! It's the craziest dang thing I've witnessed.

I tried joining in on the conversation... they all walked away! Jerks!

But by the end of the day, Coupique is the home of one of the most beautiful sunsets around.

Choupique Sunset