Have you ever busted your man checking out another woman? What funny excuse did he give you?

Alright, I am guiltier than sin. I repent!

Let's get some Gator Country Feedback!

Heather Norris "Its hard to make up an excuse if I pointed her out or we are discussing different attributes"

Jaimi Hansen "I was checking out her sweater, because I think you would look good in it."

Melissa Bourque "Well I usually let mine look for a bit and then like yea she's got a nice butt or pretty hair or whatever it is he's liking at. He turns gives me a funny look and quits staring!"

Rebecca Rhodes Moss "Oh baby I thought that was your old friend so and so! I was going to point her out to you ! WHATEVER ! "

Shandell Lier Moss "He didn't have time for excuses, I just slapped him upside his head."

Paige Marcantel "I don't care if he looks at pretty women. He is human. Of course he will look. I am not threatened by it at all because I know he loves and is committed to me."

Robert Channing Smith "But it's ok to go see magic Mike, fifty shades of grey, or drool over the twilight dudes...... yea"

Alice Moldoon LeJeune "I think I know her from somewhere."

Tjohn Maricle "If my girlfriend catches me I say "baby I was just imagining you in those cloths to see what you look like in them"