Erin and I had the opportunity to treat our spouses to a Kick Booty concert in Lafayette Saturday night!

The opener was Kelsea Ballerini. I thought she was a very talented young lady. Up next was Sam Hunt. When the spotlight hit him, you thought he was the headliner, Lol! Let me put it to you like this, Sam could have sung the phonebook and the female fan base would have screamed their heads off. Then Mr. Hunt decided to step off the stage, walk thru the crowd, and mingle with fans!

Yeah, security gave him about ten minutes to sing amongst the crazed fans before escorting him back to the stage.

Finally, Lady Antebellum put on quite the show. Lights were great, sound was phenomenal! They even took a page from Sam when they proceeded to step off the big stage to make their way to a much smaller one that was set up for them to perform on.

(staff photo)

Great night all in all!