Lady Gaga with a country version? Is country the new pop? This is crazy! Will she be adding cowboy hats and boots to her crazy attire?? This could get interesting! Next time she will show up in horse and buggy, pulling a big barrel instead of the egg, and she will hop out of the barrel! LOL!

Gwyneth Paltrow performed at the Country Music Awards, Rihanna is poised to do the same at the Academy of Country Music Awards next month and Lady Gaga has decided to take her pop anthem, "Born This Way," and throw a little country in it.

via Lady Gaga Releases Country Version of "Born This Way" - omg! news on Yahoo!.

What are your thoughts on Gaga releasing "Born This Way" in a country version? It really is a smart marketing move to get a whole new audience to buy her music and shows! She is a very smart girl! You go Gaga!