It's worse enough that you are struggling getting over the hump today, but when you accidently drop something on your foot... or knock something with your shin...

Aren't those days the worst?

What have you dropped on your foot? Fallen off of? Hit your head on? Slammed your fingers with?

Amy... My son slammed my arm in the car door about 4 or 5 years ago! The door completely shut. Latched. I screamed like someone just shot me. Lol I still have an indention in my arm from that. It was scary.

Crystal... Had a horse stand on my foot and all I had on was a pair of crocs

Toni... Our bass player dropped a speaker on my foot and broke my toe,,,Got bucked of a horse,,landed on my head,,had a concussion,,Smashed hand between two speakers loading equipment trailer,,,

Michelle... My sister dropped a freezer on my foot. I fell off the front porch. Hit my head on the microwave door. Coolest thing is the internet, the information is unlimited.