If you've ever played sports you know the importance of having a mouth guard. Even sports that are not supposed to be high contact or full contact it's a good idea to protect your teeth. Another important aspect of participating in athletics is hydration. Keeping a participant hydrated can not only enhance their performance, it can be a matter of life or death.

A Lake Charles inventor has created a way to combine the mouth  protection and the desire to stay hydrated in a new product he call the Hydra-Guard.  This device is very similar to a standard mouth guard but it has a small reservoir that can be filled with water or sports drink. The refreshing liquid can be dispensed easily with the touch of the athlete's tongue.

Joseph Tucker says his product will be released online later this month. It should retail for $34.99. Tucker told the Louisiana Radio Network that his goal for the product is simply one of safety.

Our ultimate goal is to keep these kids hydrated, keep them healthy, help prevent injuries, which helps the athlete and when it helps the athlete it helps the coaches whenever the kids are healthy.

If you're wondering how functional the design of the mouth guard is, Tucker suggested that was all taken into consideration in the way they designed the product.

The pouch sits at a 17 degree angle allowing for athletes to be able to communicate with other athletes that are on the field or court and also for breathability.

It certainly seems like a great idea especially for athletes who compete in the oppressive Louisiana heat and humidity.