Trooper James Anderson visited the Gator 99.5 Breakfast bunch this morning. This is Click It or Ticket time across the nation and Louisiana Troopers are looking for those who ignore seat belt laws.

James was telling us about all the fatalities that he has investigated where drivers were not wearing seat belts. It's such a simple thing but there are still those who don't get it. James shared with us some of the excuses they hear.
  1. I forget. Permanent memory loss may be the consequence.
  2. I only drive a short distance. 85% of crashes occur within 5 miles from home.
  3. I don't want to be trapped in a fire or under water. Less than 1/1 0 of 1% result in fire or submersion.
  4. It's uncomfortable. Have you tried traction?
  5. It's my right to not wear a seat belt! Unbuckled occupants cost Louisiana $1.2 billion each year. The law exists to save lives and reduce cost to society.
  6. I am safe in my big pickup truck.  Trucks have the highest percentage of ejections and roll overs.
  7. My kids won't listen to me. Have them pay your ticket!
  8. I won't get a ticket. That's what 147,ooo people thought last year.
  9. Cops can't stop me for not wearing it. Yes they can!
  10. It is safer to be thrown from a vehicle. Ever heard of road kill?

State Troopers are stepping up seat belt enforcement in an effort to save lives. Click It or Ticket!