Here we are on February 29th. Is it a good thing or not?


I wonder if we will get extra pay for today. If your pay is based on an annual salary .... you are getting paid for a finite number of days worked. This year you will work an extra day so go hit the boss for an extra day's pay. Let me know how that works out. You company gets an extra day of making money so why should you not get additional pay? It makes sense to me. What are you going to do with your extra day (besides work)? According to a survey by CLR cleaners .... here is what we have planned.

Women’s Top Five preferred ways to spend Leap Day:

  • 70% Spending time with family
  • 40% Shopping spree
  • 38% Spending the day at a spa
  • 31% Having sex
  • 24% Partying with friends

Men’s Top Five preferred ways to spend Leap Day:

  • 63% Spending time with family
  • 60% Having sex
  • 37% Partying with friends
  • 29% Attending a sporting event or concert
  • 26% Working out