Lee Brice recently announced 10 college tour dates for April and May, one being in Monroe, Louisiana on April 24th. If you haven't seen Brice in person yet, I highly recommend it!

Brice, who's current single "Drinking Class" is #8 on Gator 99.5's  Playlist for March 2015, is calling this his "campus consciousness" initiative, pairing up with REVERB, a non-profit organization, that unites artists and colleges in an effort to create environmental and social change. For this tour, he is focusing on outdoor and water preservation.

Brice feels very strongly about the subject and wants to lessen the environmental impact where he can. He says, "we are hoping to offset the environmental impact of the tour by supporting clean energy products and using buses and trucks fueled with locally produced biodiesel." The main reason behind the tour are his two sons. He  looks at it as "investing in their future and that of kids around the world."

Visit Lee Brice's website for tickets and further information.

Rick Diamond, Getty Images Entertainment