There are just two of us trying to eat all of the leftover turkey in my home. I polished off the wings for lunch one day and the legs the next day. I ate the dark meat in sandwiches another day. Then the question was what to do with that dry white meat.

My kids gave me a new cook book for Christmas and I noticed it came with a web address to find more recipes. I went to the web address and found an interesting new idea. You simply enter the ingredients you have on hand and the site makes suggestions. The sight suggested I try Turkey Pot Pie. You see the picture of it above. Then the site suggested Cream of Turkey Soup (I did take some liberties on this recipe). It also came out great! You have any suggestions for left over turkey?


I gotta say that this Christmas was a culinary success all the way round. It was like everything we cooked came out great. That is why we are both starting diets tomorrow! Now I am just wondering what to do with the left over ribs from yesterday .... but I don't think it will be a problem.


PS... Left over ham in the cabbage and peas! LOL