When it comes to unique gifts, I am the master of finding the strangest, but coolest ones around! Call it my mutant power, but if there is something that will cause eyebrows to be lifted, I will find it! And that's why I know that at least one of you will get a kick out of the Lego Portraits!

Sean Kenney is a full-time "professional kid" who uses LEGO toys to build anything and everything you can imagine. For years, his artwork, models, and children's books have

inspired kids to create great things themselves. And to show us all how good he is, he now sells Lego portraits, made entirely with LEGO bricks, fully glued, mounted on a wood backing, signed & dated by the artist.

Creating art with LEGO bricks is a lot more fun than sitting at the office! After a decade at a "serious" desk job, it was time Sean did something closer to his heart. Because unlike traditional art, kids love it; it gets them excited and creative. And seeing that makes it all worth while.

So, getting worked up for it? Then pick out your favorite picture and contact Sean, and get ready to get the gift that you can take apart and make a spaceship with, and then put back together to look at Grandma's mug!