Have you ever gotten into an air conditioning war at your office?

For me, absolutely! If you adjust the thermostat just one degree... it's nice in my office but "winter" in the office across the hallway! It is the craziest thing


Susan... Coworkers need to realize the fact that the boss is  trying to heat/cool a large building, and some parts of it will be hotter or cooler depending on things like windows, how often the door to the outside is opened, etc. 

Julie... Sometimes my work station is so darn cold that I need to sit on my hands. Which makes it awfully hard to use the computer, which is an awful lot of how I get work done. I always wonder who needs it THAT cold to be happy.

Kayla... I wear sweaters and additional cardigans all summer because my boss likes to keep it at a chilly 66 degrees in the office. It is very uncomfortable, difficult to work, and hard to warm up–even after all the suggestions of dressing warmly, having hot drinks, and so on.