Each and every day in November I have decided to spotlight a certain someone or someones and give thanks. Today I chose the teacher.

If you asked me to name the teacher who made the biggest impact on my life, I would have to say it was my third grade teacher. Her name was Mrs. Pea. Heck, I liked her so so much... I repeated third grade. Ha. Ok, that is a stretch.

My parents made the decision to hold me back, feeling that I would mature more in this process. The rumor has it... I was "Hell on Wheels" as a kid. Alright, there may be some truth to the matter, but Norma Pea was ready to settle this little high energize cajun boy down!

You see, back in the day, teacher could paddle disobedient students. Child abuse, huh? Well, I have to admitt.... it did help put me on the right track. She just never gave up on me when it came to my learning. I struggled with reading and math. We would go over tests that I had bombed on. The one thing she preached over and over was for me to be patient.

After a while, I kinda took her advice. It led me straight to the fourth grade.

Here's what Gator Country had to say on the matter.

Taylor Trahan Dude, amen! As a young adult who just entered the work force, I think about lessons from my teachers more often than not. It's important to remember they teach a lot more than what's in the curriculum.

Kelsey Rogers Not to many people are thankful for us teachers anymore so thanks.