There are a lot of perks that come with age, wisdom, experience, and, of course, the amazing discounts!

So, basically, every day is Black Friday when you're 50. This list of discounts is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Can a fast forward a few years, because I need these discounts in my life asap. Maybe my parents will want to go out to dinner and I can use theirs.

The average senior discount is 10%-15%, that's a nice chunk of change! But, if you are a pizza-loving 55 year old try a slice of Papa John's 25% discount for online orders with the code "AARP".

Not all discounts are restaurant related, I just have a love for food so I can't stop thinking about these discounts. But, all of you 50 year youngin's can enjoy discounts on everything from retail and apparel, to flights and hotel stays. You can see a full list of all senior discounts at