For most of us, Labor Day weekend means a three-day holiday.  A movie day, a long weekend, a beach day, or just clean the dang house day.  But, do we really know WHY we have a national holiday called Labor Day?

Labor Day in the U.S. became a national holiday in 1894 when President Grover Cleveland declared it through Congress.  The meaning lies in saluting all those who work for a living.  A "declared day off" for all of us working folks.  Of course, we can't leave out the non-working, they can celebrate too.  Anyone can celebrate.

The holiday always falls on the first Monday of September, and signals the end of summer.  Of course, Grover did consider making the first Monday of October the holiday; which, would have made summer longer.  Thanks, Grover for that.  I could have used a longer summer when I was a kid.

If a woman has a baby on Labor Day, then she can receive the labor-squared award.  (labor on labor day).  And, tradition states you name him Grove Cleveland if you do.  (don't do it).

The most sought out item to purchase on Labor Day is a mattress.  Yep, take that car dealerships.  Of course, the second purchased item on that day is a new car.  The third, movie tickets.

And, the holiday marks the last day you can wear white.  No white shoes, belts, pants, hats, etc. after the holiday.  Of course, we still do, we just call it "winter white".  A Hollywood term, the same color clothes.

So, celebrate the "last day" of Summer by waving the flag, and thanking President Cleveland for acknowledging all of us who slave day in and day out for a paycheck.  We appreciate the three-day weekend.