Recently a local judge made a decision to set bond at $70,000 in convenience store rape case. Is $70,000 too low for this type of crime?

Teri... Given that fact that this pos is a repeat violent offender, yes 70,000 is entirely too low...he obviously hasn't learned his lesson from the first rape or all of the failing to registers...I know this is America and everyone is entitled to due process, however, in circumstances such as this when they have him on camera and his DNA, bond should be set high enough to guarantee they will not get out to await trial...if a bond has to be set at all!!! I think he was already on a probation for something which didn't stop him from raping again...who's to say he won't attempt it again while awaiting trial?!? Do we really want to chance that with another woman's life?!?

Tricia... Supposedly he broke probation so he will likely be arrested on spot. So yeah still to low even if they will book him again.

Ava... Considering his past offenses. Yes. Now he should be put away indef...

Angel... The judge should of NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT SETTING A BOND!!!!