I love driving.  Except when other people are driving.  Other people are the worst.  Southwest Louisiana has its fair share of rude drivers, but how bad are we when compared with the rest of the nation?

Insure.com surveyed 2,000 drivers nationwide to find out.  Seems like maybe they should have interviewed a few more.  (Would it be rude to tell them that?)  Anyway, they found out that we're the 12th rudest state in America when it comes to draggin' the roads.

Who hates us the most?  In other words, which other state thinks we're the rudest?  (Yeah, I know it's a weird question, but we need to know these things.)  No surprise -- Texans dislike us the most.  And they're only the 27th rudest state in America, so maybe that says something about us.

Insure.com's Rudest States for Driving

1. Idaho (hated most by people from Arizona)
2. Washington D.C. (hated most by people from Maryland)
3. New York (hated most by people from California)
4. Wyoming (hated most by people from Montana)
5. Massachusetts (hated most by people from New Hampshire)
12. Louisiana (hated most by people from Texas)
27.  Texas (hated most by people from California)


SO much hate.  Take a Xanax and drive happy, 'mkay?