Oh, you didn't know that Louisianians walk around wasted, wearing beads year round?

Yeah, that sounds absolutely ridiculous, right? Just because we live in the best state ever doesn't mean that we act a fool like the rest of y'all when you come visit. We like to have a good time and we are lucky enough to live in a state with some of the Country's best festivals, celebrations, and natural beauty.

But, no, we aren't drunk 24/7 and throwing beads every chance we get. And, no, not all the guys look like the dudes from Duck Dyansty, and we don't all have super thick Cajun accents like Troy Landry from Swamp People. Oh, and let me remind everyone that Louisiana is a state, there are many cities, we don't all live in New Orleans.

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[via OnlyInYourState.com]