We can't say this move will make Louisiana voters any smarter but it will make the devices they are casting their ballots on a lot more technologically savvy. Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler told the media that by the time there is another election for Governor in our state voters will no longer be casting ballots on antiquated voting machines.

Schedler says the economics of the situation make a lot of sense. Since many of Louisiana's voting machines are fast becoming out dated and obsolete.

To replace the current machines we have it would be in excess of $150 million versus an iPad system that would be less than $300 a unit.

He also suggested in a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network that the switch to iPads would actually speed up the voting process.  With the technology available voters could actually fill out their ballot in the privacy of their own  home on their smartphone and then head to polls.

You mock vote on that phone and you would just pass that phone underneath the iPad. It would populate the screen and you would make sure that’s what you wanted to do, cast the ballot and you’re finished.

Schedler understands the concerns that some voters and politicians might have about this new technology. He suggests the state has time to work through the issues over the next several years and gradually incorporate this new voting system.