Want a good laugh?  Luke Bryan is known for his dance moves, hips moving and feet grooving.  He isn't afraid to shake it on stage for his fans or in his videos, reveling in the fact that he brings the party to every performance.  Now, he is mastering the "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)", the dance craze that has swept the nation this summer.  The 'Kick the Dust Up' singer shows how he does the "stanky leg" in a video posted on YouTube.

"This is like so eight months ago" Luke states in the video, as he attempts to "break the legs".  Laughing as he attempts the dance, Luke is all fun and games; showing what his fans love about him...his zest for life.  As the music starts, Luke states "he isn't good at the Whip part", but does a decent version of the Roger Rabbit, moving into the Stanky Leg. Good job, Luke.  I am thoroughly impressed with your dance moves.