They say you get one phone call when you go to jail.  Joseph A. Walsh of Sandusky, Ohio could not wail for the authorities to allow him to make his call.  The call Walsh did make is not what I would consider a smart call.  No...  Walsh did not call his family, nor an attorney.  The "Sandusky Register" reports that Walsh dialed 911... 

Walsh became belligerent with officers while en route to the police department, so they placed Walsh in a holding cell, but he screamed and pounded on the door, refusing to settle down, they said.

Police then handcuffed Walsh to the holding-cell door to keep him from hurting himself or damaging department property.

Nonetheless, while officers completed charges against Walsh, he managed to take out his cell phone and call 911 to complain that he was being held against his will.

Police took the phone and served Walsh with charges of possession of cocaine, persistent disorderly conduct and misuse of 911. He was booked into the Erie County Jail.

The report doesn't say why Walsh's phone was not taken during the arrest.  You can read the rest of the story and hear the call for yourself at the Sandusky Register.