According to Georgia resident Cliff Kluge, he's found the top secret recipe for the world's most beloved beverage, Coca-Cola, and he's only asking $15 million for the aged piece of paper.

Kluge find's and sell's antiques, and he and his wife, Arlene, purchased a set of papers from an recent estate. Among them, a soda recipe from 1943. He thinks it's a copy of Coca-Cola's top secret recipe. And how did Kluge make that conclusion?

 Kluge believes the recipe is from Coca-Cola because of several "clues" within the paper, such as direct references to Coke. Additionally, it is very similar to a recipe for Coca-Cola that the radio program "This American Life" discovered in 2011."

Not convinced? See for yourself, click here. Maybe you have $15 million laying around, make a bid while you're at it. [SHRUGS]