So this guy's running late for work, and he call his boss to let him know.  But as he's sitting there talking, a minor car crash happens.  So they guy begins to narrate what's happening.  And it may be (and probably is) totally fake -- BUT, this guy's storytelling is so good that you won't care.  The more this guy laughs, the more you'll want to.

The man who left the voicemail is allegedly named Michael Childs, and internet lore says it may be a real voicemail.  Child was allegedly sitting in traffic in Athens, Texas, when the incident occurred.  He watched as the guy responsible for the wreck gets out of the car and begins yelling at the old ladies he hit.

But then, the ladies decide they've had enough, and they gang up on him while Childs watches and gives the play-by-play.

In short, who cares if it's real -- it's funny!