Last spring, Martina McBride released her "Everlasting" album, but since signing with her new label Nash Icon (BMLG) in December, she's already forging ahead! The new label reminds her of the good ol' days and the energy and excitement is not something you find with record labels anymore.

Her label mate, Reba McEntire, just released her album "Love Somebody" and McBride loves how her music sounds like classic Reba, yet fresh at the same time. She has her favorite writers that she listens to for song choices, but she also enjoys listening to undiscovered talent and hearing their take on stories. I've always admired her ability to choose inspiring songs and her voice is simply amazing! When I need a pick me up, I like to listen to "Anyway"!

McBride has only been working on her new album for about a week and a half, but is already excited of what is to come! She is still on her "Everlasting" tour through September. We'll keep you posted on album details as they become available.

Rick Diamond, Getty Images