McDonald's is ditching the "Dollar Menu" for the new "McPick 2" menu. It's just like the 'Dollar Menu', but you have to spend two dollars on two items.

"McPick 2" will feature the McDouble, the McChicken, small fries, or the brand new  mozzarella sticks. Customers can choose two items off the menu for two dollars. So, that really means each item is one dollar, just like the "Dollar Menu", but you have to order two items to get the special pricing.

It's really not that big of a deal, but sometimes I'm not that hungry and I only want to spend one dollar. Now, I am being forced to buy two things and spend two dollars. I mean, yeah I'll be so happy shoveling double the McD's into my mouth, but I'm not too excited about double the calories. I know, I could just say no and not eat the second menu item, but who can say no when the McDouble is staring at you? Plus, I paid for two menu items so I better not waste a crumb. Oh, and those mozzarella sticks? I'll probably just be getting two orders of mozz sticks every single time I pass a McDonald's, I'm so flipping pumped.