In a bold move on Wednesday, McDonald's announced that it will post calorie counts for all of its food items on menu boards and drive-thrus across their 14,000 restaurants in the US.

So, what spurred this Big Mac of a decision?

The move comes ahead of an upcoming rule in the Obama healthcare plan that will require restaurants with over 20 locations to clearly post calorie and nutrition information on menus. The rest of the fast-food industry will likely follow McDonald's lead, rather than waiting until the rule comes into effect.

Consumers in California and New York City won't be affected by the decision because those markets already have their own laws in place that require calories posted on menus.

Greg Watson, the senior vice president of menu innovation for McDonald's, thinks that the decision is "the right thing to do," adding, "It's what a leader would do."

According to Watson, the fast food giant has future plans to incorporate more healthy options into their menus, such as seasonal fruit and vegetables. It's also testing a breakfast sandwich that will be served on a whole grain English Muffin.

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