Those who support the idea of using marijuana as a real medication and not just a recreational drug have doing their research. That research is now being considered by proponents of legislation to expand the scope and use of the drug as a viable medical treatment option.

Thursday the Louisiana Senate approved a bill that would in fact expand the list of maladies, ailments, conditions, and diseases which could qualify for treatment using medical marijuana.

Senator Fred Mills who represents Parks and the surrounding area says the drug has been shown to be effective in treating  seizure disorders, HIV, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, and other diseases. Senator Mills says Louisiana residents should not have to leave the state to seek and receive treatment that has been shown to be effective.

Meanwhile those Senators who oppose medical marijuana have cited their own concerns.

In every state where medical marijuana has been legislated, the incidents of non-medical use has dramatically increased, the incidents of use in children has increased, and the incidents of addiction has increased.

Those comments by Senator Conrad Appel were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. 

While there is still an air of contention among supporters and those opposed the measure to expand the uses of medical marijuana did pass. An early vote found the measure defeated by a single vote however Thursday's second vote on the measure did pass. It will now be passed on to the House for debate in that chamber.