Man's best friend.  Most of us have experienced the unstoppable, unconditional love of a pet.  But, do we really understand what that truly means?  For one man, and his dog Denali, that bond stood the test of time.  Meet Denali, a rescued pitbull-husky who became Ben Moon's therapy companion during the dark days of cancer.

Denali and Ben were inseparable, living life through adventure and experience.  Then Ben was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and all bets were off.  Ben's focus and determination to beat cancer was second to Denali's dedication to provide love, support, gentleness and acceptance of Ben's disease.  Denali never wavered within his determination to be at Ben's side.  Even when Ben was at his sickest, Denali was present.  Knowing what Ben needed, before Ben even knew himself.

This hits home, for me.  My cancer journey in 2012 was the hardest thing I have ever faced.  But, through it all my rescued pit-mix Buddy was by my side for the good, bad, and the ugly.  When I think of what my life would be like without Buddy?  I can't imagine.  I rescued Buddy from life on the streets in Orange, Tx.  Where others turned a blind eye to a pit-mix puppy, I saw beauty and grace; God's creation.  I believe Buddy is thanking me every day for rescuing him.  For the short time we have our fur-babies, we are blessed more than we will ever know.  #AdobtNotShop #Rescue

Here is Buddy, lying with me during my worst days of chemotherapy.  For more information about adopting, rescuing, or fostering a pet, contact LaPaw Rescue, Lake Charles Pitbull Rescue, Calcasieu Parish Animal Services, SWLA Large Breed Rescue, Hobo Hotel For Cats.