On March 30th, a large group of young ladies nervously waited on stage, holding their breath, waiting to see whose name would be announced, as bright lights shined down on them from up above...and one young lady in particular.  Chynna Paris clutched the hands of the girls on each side of her, feeling tremors traveling up and down her arms, wondering if it was her hands that were shaking or her competition, or a combination of both. And as the Master of Ceremonies made the announcement, she wondered almost out loud, "Did they say my name?"

Turns out they did, and Chynna Paris was named the newest Miss Louisiana Jr. Teen USA! And now with her crown on her head and sash across her chest, the young Chynna has gone out to meet her adoring fans, mostly her father, David Paris of Lake Charles, who can't stop praising his daughter to anyone who will stop long enough to hear his accolades!

Yes I am a proud daddy. I have had this huge silly grin on my face since she received her title and crown. I'm sure I looked odd driving home with a monster smile on my face. Haha. But oh well. What can I say? I'm a proud, very proud, father.

She's definitely a beauty. She's beautiful inside and out!!! I'm one proud daddy and the state of Louisiana couldn't have a better person to represent it at the national level in Orlando this summer. She's an AMAZING young lady through and through. A true triple threat.





And now, sit back and relax, and check out David Kaye in the Midday as he has the pleasure of interviewing Louisiana Royalty, Chynna Paris, Miss Louisiana Jr. Teen USA!!!