What does a Top 10 finalist on American Idol do in his spare time?  Write songs and build a state-of-the-art studio, of course. We visited with Michael Sarver, Season 8 finalist on American Idol, in the Gator 99.5 studio this morning.  Born in Sulphur, LA, bringing the influence of gospel into his music; he has sang for most of this life, writing over a thousand songs for himself and others.  Releasing his first full-length album after taking a much needed break to spend time with his family, Michael is ready to stay true to his country music roots.

Sarver's first single, 'Miss You Something Crazy' off his "Begin Again" album is climbing the charts both in the U.S. and Europe.  The song's video stayed in the top three on CMT for six weeks straight.

"We have found ourselves in relationships with real life struggles.  Overtime the hard times and bad tend to build up to the point that it's impossible to see the love and life it all began with", Michael says of his title track, "This song is about taking that time to start over and give your heart a chance to find the life in your relationship".

Fans might remember 'Ferris Wheel', 'You Are', and 'Watch Me' from his 2010 release; plenty of country influence with a little bit of soul and gospel stirred in.  Someone to watch for, a rising start in country music. His album is coming soon, digital download on June 6th, and CD drop date on July 14th.....I can't wait!  Follow Michael on Twitter @MichaelSarve1, Instagram at TheRealMichaelSarver or at his website, and maybe a show here in SWLA?  Who do I need to call to make that happen?

Here's part of our interview this morning: