The LSU Tigers have the best mascot in College Sports ... just ask him and he'll tell you (with a little growl or by completely ignoring you and posing for pictures.) It's Mike the Tiger and he is a Baton Rouge must see!


Mike has a very nice enclosure (Bengal Tiger Condo with pool) just to the west of Tiger Stadium. He is the most pampered Bengal Tiger in the world. What other Bengal Tiger has his own web site? He is also one of the worlds most beautiful and magnificent animals. You can walk around his enclosure and usually find him lounging somewhere in perfect picture pose. If you are luckier you'll find him pacing along the fence and sometimes he'll talk with you. I have been several times when every time I mention his name he gives me a little growl. It's very cool. If you are still luckier ... you will catch him in his pool for a cooling dip.

None of these are Mike's favorite things to do though. He really likes to take a little ride in his Tiger Cage and sit outside of opponent's dressing rooms. He really likes to great each one of them. He is just so nice!

Don't make a trip through Baton Rouge without stopping and saying hello to Mike the Tiger.