To say the LSU faithful were disappointed after Saturday's game with Wisconsin would be the ultimate understatement. Many LSU fans were already calling for Coach Les Miles to become "former LSU Coach" Les Miles. While many fans would question the play calling and overall play of the Tigers the Coach is making minimal changes to the LSU approach for this Saturday's home opener with Jacksonville State.

One of the most noticeable changes will be Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron will no longer be on the sidelines. He will return to the booth where he can observe the Tigers from above.

One of the most requested changes, at least by Tiger fans that we've heard from, will not be happening. Coach Miles will keep Brandon Harris at the helm of the LSU offense. The Coach did make comments on his QB's play on Saturday.

If he can just get the ball to the guys that we're really insisting that he throw to in some ways, we're going to be a very--we're going to be able to run it and we're going to be able to throw it, and the quarterback can move his feet and extend plays and go get yards.

While the criticism was not overt Coach Miles did express some of the frustration that many Tiger fans were voicing after Saturday. The coach did offer some less than glowing comments on Harris' performance he was not laying the loss at the feet of the quarterback by any means.

Yeah, I don't think his play was great. He overthrew a couple of balls, but by the same point, I think there's some opportunity for guys to catch balls, and that's something that we can fix.

In his comments to the media as reported by the Louisiana Radio Network Miles put some pressure on his offensive line to give the offense a chance to succeed. Specifically Miles challenged the line to give Harris more time and to open better running lanes for Leonard Fournette. Miles seemed to believe that in time that will happen but injuries in the preseason camp prevented the offense from really coming together as a unite.

I think it will mature nicely. But the--they went through a camp where this guy was found, this guy was found and they had limited action, so instead of really gaining a lot of ground in camp, we kind of treaded water there for a while, but now they're gaining their health. It potentially could be a very, very good time.

LSU is at home on Saturday night against Jacksonville State. The Tigers are heavily favored in the contest.