Hey, Gator Country....look for Kris and Erin on the Jumbotron during Miranda Lambert's Bayou Fest set on Sunday night.  Fingers crossed, Kris and Erin's 'All Kinds of Kinds" picture will be seen at Bayou Fest.  Miranda Lambert is asking her fans to upload pictures of them, with a sign that has a saying "......kinds", and you choose the "kind".  We are so stoked, to have our picture on the big screen, during her 'All Kinds of Kinds' song.

What an awesome way to connect with fans, I can't wait to see what pictures are shown. See the picture below, of Kris and I.  Do you think we have a chance of getting ours viewed?  I think the red noses will put us over the edge.  What do you think?  Our picture is about ending child hunger.  Hence, #endchildhunger #KrisandErin, Red Nose Day.  I think we have the best.....of course, we are also crazy.

When you are at Bayou Fest, look on the screen and Tweet us when you see our picture, during the 'All Kinds of Kinds' song.  We can't wait!  Tweet to @Gator995 #KrisandErin.  #AWESOMESAUCE