It was family night at the movies as I took mine to Cinemark for the early showing of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2. Actually... I was kinda surprised with the turn out.

My crew arrived an hour prior to the showing and I found it kinda interesting that there wasn't a long line wrapped around the theatre! I was kinda expecting the people who showed up in droves for Jurassic World. Now THAT was alot of people!

Now there were four long a** lines for the concessions. I bet it took my troop 30 minutes to get popcorn, soft drinks, candy, and one hot chocolate. After our purchase we headed to the showing and waited another 30 minutes. But... when it was all said and done, it would up turning into a really enjoyable evening.

But with that said, if you are a true fan to The Hunger Games movies and book series, I feel that this picture will live up to the expectations of many. Here's a recent trailer for Mockingjay 2.

Don't miss the Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2 this weekend!