Gator 99.5 is presenting a Rememberin Rita Series and the feedback continues from our Gator family.

Inez Morlewski We went to Kansas in a 5 vehicle Caravan.. It took 8 Hours to get to Alexandria, LA that day.. What a Hot Miserable Day.. We came back almost a Month later.. Electricity was finally back on at our home... Don't ever want another storm like that...

Melanie Watson We went in a 10 car caravan to Oakdale (9 hour drive), not far enough so Vicksburg, after it passed (with quite a few tornado scares) we all drove to family in Baton Rouge. Some of us left after a couple days, including my family, to Little Rock. The people there were awesome. Some went to Lake Fosse National Park outside Henderson, La. after a few more days of being packed like sardines. FEMA paid for families to stay in these awesome cabins. We came back to the park after 10 days in Arkansas and stayed a couple months until we got a fema trailer because our house was a total loss. Others were a little more blessed and were able to go home when the all clear was given.

Ariel Hailey West Monroe because I had horses and they have a big arena and barn to keep them in. Only packed about a weeks worth of clothes, didn't think we were staying long. We had to go shopping!