What are the chances that your favorite singer/band/artist gets the opportunity

to perform ' ON THE WORLD"S BIGGEST STAGE: The Super Bowl Halftime Show"?

I have no idea how the selections are made but I have been very fortunate to witness 3 of my favorite 6 artists of all-time party on the 50 yard line.

The Beatles are at the top of my list and and Elvis is in there too but I didn't become fully aware of their magic until I REALLY got into music.

With Madonna's fabulous performance at Super Bowl XLVI she completes the trifecta of artists that shaped my musical tastes so much that  I listen to at least one of the 3 daily.

Prince, Michael Jackson, and Madonna were not only the 3 biggest stars of the 80's they changed the music world as the video became an art form.

They are all members of  The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

It's kind neat that they were all born in the same year.  What else happened in 1958?

Being only 11 in 1983,  I was not aware of  Michael Jackson as a member of  The Jackson 5,

to me he was 3 things: 1.  "Beat It. No one wants to be defeated."  Eddie Van Halen guitar solo included.

2.  He was Billie Jean on Motown 25

3 . The Thriller video

On Jan. 31, 1993 Michael performed at Super Bowl XXVII



















With  The Beatles being my favorite group ever, Prince is my favorite single artist.

I don't go a day without reading about him, watching him on Youtube, or listening to his music.

He is my favorite period and when it was announced that he would play Super Bowl XLI I couldn't believe it.

The following video is from the NFL Press Conference for the media in Miami on February 1, 2007  just a few days before the game. My boy shreds some Chuck Berry.

Prince was outstanding in the middle of the Purple Rain of Super Bowl XLI.































Madonna is my favorite female artist and The Material Girl used her time to not only entertain the world, she used the Super Bowl to send a message to the entire world that would've made John Lennon smile.































Madonna's message to the world










Madonna performs at Super Bowl XLVI.


So I have named 5 of my favorite 6 performers remember?

All I I need now is another Cowboys Championship and a  George Strait halftime show.