I am still riding the high of Ronda Rousey's BEAT DOWN and I am in AWE of her.  Boxing/cage fighting is so cool and IN style right now.  I love it!  I have been kickboxing since 1998, fell in love with the sport at a gym in Bridge City, Texas and now I drop into the kickboxing classes at Performance Evolution (PE) Gyms in Lake Charles when I can.  One of my favorite classes to instruct, I am ISCA certified in cardio kickboxing and now, I learn fashion models are making it more hip and in style.

Super models Gigi Hadid, Alessandra Ambrosia, and Kendall Jenner are into boxing,  frequenting boxing classes in NYC and LA.  One kickboxing workout can burn up to 800 calories and works every muscle in the body.   Want to visit a local class?  SPAR has a kickboxing class on Monday nights, along with other gyms offering a variation of kicking and punching.  The class I LOVE, offered at PE Gyms, includes gloving up and sparring with other boxers; in this case, other MMA fighters (yikes).  I still have my power port for chemotherapy in my chest, so sometimes it is a little uncomfortable if I get hit or jabbed in my chest.  Just a little pain, I don't want to sound like a whiner or anything.  Just call me Erin "Chester" Davison.

My hubby bought me a free-standing punching bag that I LOVE to use.  I play loud music, glove up and hit that sucker.  Destressing in the best possible way.  Don't pay for therapy, buy some gloves and hit a kickboxing class.  The best therapy there is!