My husband, Chad, has mad skills when it comes to watching TV at night.  He is a huge sports fan, and loves any an all sporting events whether live or on TV.  I, on the other hand, prefer to watch my DVR'd shows like Flip or Flop, Grey's Anatomy, The Good Wife, and House Hunters.  Making for some interesting nightly remote control fights on the couch.  What to watch is a common disagreement during our almost sixteen years of marriage....he has yet to discover a "happy wife equals a happy life".

Then, the other night, he became really quiet and I looked over and saw this.  He had headphones in his ears, and was watching not one but two devices, his iPad and iPhone. His iPhone had the NY Rangers hockey game, and his iPad was showing the NY Mets baseball the same time.  Creativity at its best, my husband is a genius (he paid me to write that), and I accept his new TV watching style.  Thank goodness for the DirectTV Home Genie, we can watch any of our shows DVR'd, or live TV anywhere....anytime.  We are now quietly happy, watching our individual shows while sitting together on the couch.  Our marriage has been saved!