What is the best weekend activity?  Where you can take a nap, get a snack, wash the car and not miss much?  Watching 40-plus race cars go round, and round, and round a cement track vying for first place and the chance to make a bad-A'donut in the winner's circle.  And, guess what?  My NASCAR team won at Kansas Speedway Saturday night.  Pretty awesome, right?

The most interesting tidbit, I do not remember who is on my team, as my hubby, AKA "pit manager", assists with choosing my drivers each week (I had to text him to get all five driver's names from this weekends race).  I know, shame on me.  We are part of a NASCAR fantasy league, where we have five drivers; we pick the winner of the race, and which type of car will cross the finish line.  My drivers were: Jeff Gordon, Danica Patrick, Martin Truex Jr., Kevin Harvick, and Trevor Bayne; Chevrolet as the car to win.  I had Truex Jr., to win....but he wasn't able to get the checker flag at Kansas Speedway.

I like NASCAR, I watch NASCAR, but it is hard to keep up with the different tracks; if it is a night or day race; what are the weather conditions; who is driving better that week....etc. I just have my "pit manager" help and he does an awesome job.  WTG, hubby, I am winning!  My drivers are fast.