I always do my part to pull the Saints through. Are you as superstitious as I am?

Here is my story from yesterday's Saints game. The first quarter was very dull but the Saints looked ok. They were driving the ball and had handled the Titan'soffense; but the Saints were tied with The Titans. I realized that I was not wearing my lucky Drew Brees jersey, so I put it on.

The half ended with the Saints up by three but not dominating by any means. I knew I had to switch chairs, so I moved from my recliner to the sofa. The second half started pretty much the same as the first quarter and the Saints drove down the field but had to settle for a filed goal. The Titans answer with a touchdown to take the lead. I moved to my wife's recliner. It had been the lucky chair for the SEC Championship game.  The Saints scored two unanswered touchdowns after I moved into her chair. Sure the Titans came back and gave us a scare; but the Saints did win. It would seem that she has lost her recliner for the rest of the year! Do you do things like this to help your team win?