We have a Roomba vacuum cleaner named "Erin".  Yes, my husband named her (she is a female electronic personality).  Last week, he was out of town for work and last Tuesday, "Erin" decided to start vacuuming at three AM.  I had to run down the hall, practically in the dark, and try to shut "her" up.  After pushing the middle button three times, she finally stopped.  I left her in the middle of the room, hoping she would dock in her docking station on her own.

The next night, 'Erin' did it again!  Jeez, can't I sleep without some random thing happening?  I finally found her in our spare bedroom, so I pushed the middle button, again.  She finally stopped and I left her in there, and shut the door.  The next morning, I picked her up and docked her.  Hoping she would recharge and vacuum when I was at work.

Well, she did it a third night.  Going off at 3 a.m., I had to shut her down.  I had enough!  I placed her upside down, in the garage, until my husband got home.  She is a machine, how is she winning?  It reminds me of Christine; electronics with their own minds.  What is next, the microwave going off? Next time, she will be unplugged.......and never vacuum again.