Last Thursday, my hubby, Chad, and I traveled to Alexandria for a very important occasion.  It was Adalyn's first dance performance.  She started dance in February, and took to it like a fish to water.  She loves it!  Not just boogying to music, but she loves to skip, hop, pop and sometimes drop to the beat.  She loves to twirl, clap, and most definitely smile while music is playing.

I started dancing when I was 3, and I still dance.  I loved practicing and performing on the stage in my costumes.  The smell of a theater makes me happy, as the stage feels like home.  I love how I can share my love of dance with Adalyn.  Helping her learn the basics of ballet, playing music in the living room and jamming along.  Buying her tutu's, ballet shoes, and hair bows.  Enjoying the beautiful art that dance is, with my best gal.

I look forward to Adalyn growing into a beautiful young woman; pursuing her dreams and reaching for the stars.  I am so grateful I will play a part in shaping her, showing her, and sharing what life is about.  The best part, when she grabs my hand and says "Dance with me, Meems".  THAT is what life is all about.  To dream is to dance.  Dancing is thriving.