The other day I had awesome pictures taken that will save my life.  Not a selfie (of course you would all think that).  I had my yearly mammogram at the Breast Health Center, Gauthier Campus.  Since having yearly mammograms yearly since 2008, we have been checking for any abnormalities and/or issues that may arise.  My doctor began ordering the screen due to fertility treatments, family history of breast cancer, and my history of fiber-tissue, which is dense tissue in the breast.  Every year, 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer; mammograms allowing most cases to be found early.

For those that haven't had a mammogram yet, don't isn't that bad, quick and painless.  I had the same radiology technician for four years, and she is very familiar with my breasts, helping me position myself within the machine very gently and respectfully.  Ladies, you will have to get up close and personal with your radiology technician, so no modesty.  She pulls, prods, pushes, and holds each breast in the perfect position for the best pictures.  Many of my friends have had early stages of breast cancer found with the simple test that takes about 20 minutes.

This year, I forgot to schedule my yearly mammogram until the Breast Health Center called me.  I was surprised, I like getting a mammogram (call me cray cray).  My pictures are really pretty and at least that pesky breast cancer will not sneak up on me.  I refuse to let it win!  Call, schedule your mammogram, and thank me later.  Go with your girlfriends, get a pedicure and have a glass of wine together.  The pictures are the most important pictures you will ever take.  Save the Ta Ta's, show the 'girls' some love.