There was a time in my kids lives where they would fight for their favorite place to sit in the living room when this one particular Disney flick would air on our television. The movie was High School Musical. We own all three movies on DVD.

Today those kids are grown and these DVDs sit on a shelf collecting dust, like many of their childhood favorites. Do I get rid of them?

I probably won't because, like their childhood toys, just looking at dusty DVD covers trigger precious memories.

I recently asked the same question to some of my Gator 99.5 friends. Here's some "interesting" responses to say the least.

Laura... My dad kept my niece's belly button in a box with her knitted newborn hospital cap and booties. He died in March, she's out of the picture, but I'm not ready to get rid of the things from his steamer trunk. Ew, I know....

Jen... My deceased sisters stuffed monkey.. She passed in 84 when she was 12 and i inherited it when my mom passed in 2012. Its ugly.. Ratty looking and I can't bear to part with it.

Tina... Old clothes... I box them up and hope I can make use of them someday

Jeremy... My died dad's clothes from when he was in the hospital

Dana... High school senior jersey